What is Drizzle Fishing and Why I Love it So Much

After a rainstorm, there’s a great chance of catching fish.

What exactly is it, you might wonder? So take a seat and I will briefly explain it to you. Drizzle fishing is very much about taking a break from your daily routine at the end of an evening downpour, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Grab your fishing rod and head to your nearest canal, seawall, or seashore shortly after the storm passes. Make a few throws with your favourite fishing lure.

Maintain a straightforward approach. Please don’t make a big deal of it. Make your way to the nearest body of water you can find. It could be snapper, trout, redfish, flounder, tarpon, or snook fishing from a dock, beach, or jetties, or bass fishing in a freshwater river, pond, or canal. Simply bring a spinning rod and reel, as well as a few simple fishing lures such as soft plastics and topwater plugs.

This is a fun, peaceful, and productive way to fish. My workday will come to an abrupt end numerous times like this! I then get out of my chair in front of my work computer, grab my fishing rod, and head down to the freshwater canal behind the home, where I begin casting a soft plastic lure or worm. After seeing that bass will often congregate around storm drains after a storm, probably waiting for their next meal to wash out of the drain, I typically concentrate my casts around these.

You may find yourself standing and fishing in a rain mist depending on when you get to the river after the rainstorm. That’s OK. Simply unwind, cast, take deep breaths and savour the moment. Just make sure you’re not outside if there’s any more lightning.

Fishing in this manner is not only therapeutic, but it also results in catching fish! I’m not a scientist, so I’m not sure why; perhaps it’s the change in pressure, but you’ll note that after a storm passes through, the bite will often switch on during the calm period. When you have the chance, take advantage of this fishing opportunity. You’ll be happy you did. It will allow you to rid your mind of the stresses and pressures that your typical workday brings, catch a few fish, and return to your day feeling a little bit better.

My recent drizzly fishing experience inspired this small essay, and yes, I was fortunate enough to catch six basses in a short amount of time. I instantly returned to my computer after the bite was over and typed these remarks. Try it out for yourself.